What do we mean by huge database?

While I was working on one of the projects related to the Construction Company, as a routine job I used to take backups of the database from the database manager. Every time the database backup fails.

I did not understand what is the reason behind this. And the database size goes up to 1 GB. I was confused why the database size is this much and at last, the backup fails.

Later I found that the reason for huge database size is the emails configured into Odoo belonged to the Construction Company and the construction company will deal with big AutoCAD and other designs which will be of big size. Therefore, it resulted in the backup failure from Odoo frontend database backup manager.


Now I need to take the backup from the backend pgAdmin-III. Below is the process for taking backups from the pgAdmin-III in windows.

Open PG AdminIII

Right click on the servers listed. Click on the connect option.

The default password will be “openpgpwd” unless you changed it.

You will find a list of databases. Select the database which you wish to take the backup and right client on it. Then select the option “backup”

When you click on the “Backup” option the following wizard will be displayed and there you need to enter the details like file name and save location, Encoding and role name.

If the download is successful then you will find the following message with return exit code “0”. If you see “1” then there is some issue with the backup.

I hope the above information is helpful for you.

Written by Siraz

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