Kanban View:

Kanban is a Japanese word. It means “card”. The leads information will be displayed in the form of cards where you can change the status or stage of the lead by dragging from one stage to another and the information will get updated automatically.

Maintaining leads from “Kanban View”


From this single window you can manage all your CRM activities from creating a new lead to creating a Quotation.

Kanban View

When you click on the down phasing arrow which is on the Kanban Card you will see the drop down menu.

From the above drop down menu you will be able to Edit the lead data, delete a lead, send email to a lead, Schedule/Log Call, Schedule Meeting and highlight any Kanban card.

If you wish to change the stage of the lead, then drag and drop the Kanban Card from one stage to another.

Ex: If you wish to promote the lead card from “Qualification” to “Won” you can directly drag and drop that lead from “Qualification” to “Won”.

New Stage:

You can add a new column by clicking on “Add a new column” option. The following form will be displayed.

Here you have to mention the “Stage Name”, “Probability” of getting the business from that lead related status, and type of the lead card.

Editing Stage:

If you wish to edit the stage information, then you need to click on the down faced arrow which displays the drop down menu. The following window will be opened.

From the above 3 options you can “Fold”, “Edit” and “Delete” the Stage.

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