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erp software1The abbreviation of ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. Means any Enterprise will have various resources like Human Resource, Machinery, Products, etc. Managing these resources efficiently to get optimum result is the purpose of  ERP Software.

For doing this Job, automation of this process is required. And here comes the ERP software. The main goal of ERP software should be to automate the tasks of every department of Organization. For example, if we take the Warehouse department, the software should be capable of managing the inventory efficiently, i.e. maintain the data related to incoming products (products purchased), outgoing products (products sold, scrapped products, etc.) The user should be able to get all this information from his desk itself with simple clicks.

The user should be able to get timely reports related to the stock. The user should be able to browse stock locations virtually without moving anywhere. This is how an ERP Software helps in increasing the production in less time.

Examples of Open Source free ERP Softwares:

  • Odoo
  • OpenBravo ERP
  • ADempiere ERP Business Suite

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